Asco Lotus International Travel is a leading tour operator in South East Asia, registered in Hong Kong since 1995.

Asco Lotus International Travel operates directly its branch offices in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, assuring a constant and precise control of the provided services, together with the ability to create very unique products combining the most interesting features of two or more different travel destinations. Read More

ASCO operates in the tourism sector since 1995, relying on the long term experience of its experts and organization staff. In these sixteen years we became a standard for tourism and travel in Indochina, especially for FITS and groups of large numbers of people. We are also proud to have acquired an excellent reputation for Incentive Travel and MICE activities thanks the fantasy and creativity we use to make our tours unique, paying extreme attention to details and choosing only hospitality services and high quality facilities.


Not known to many for centuries, today this fascinating country is gaining popularity and it’s unexpected and its fascinating surprises are being revealed. In the heart of Indochina’s peninsula, in a land of forested mountains which give rise to immense plateaus, you will find the ancient Kingdom of One Million Elephants – Laos.
In the north the huge mountains that separate Laos from China and Burma are home to many ethnic minorities such as the H’mong, Yao (Mien), Dao, Shan, Lua and Khmu. Tribes that have lived in isolation for centuries, maintaining their ancestral customs. In a valley, eroded by the mighty Mekong river lies the old capital Luang Prabang, a city which is well known for its numerous Buddhist temples and monasteries crafted with such intricate woodwork that the entire city was proclaimed a World Heritage Site to preserve this beauty.Read More

The Laotian religious buildings appear to have a strong mystic power and to understand that you need to admire the architectural masterpieces of Ho Prah Keo or the That Luang in the Vientiane province. Here a bridge connects the two banks of the Mekong River, linking the two different worlds of Laos and Thailand and, even though today they are separated by a border, they once shared a common ancestry. The Mekong River forms the natural border between the two countries and evolves to the beautiful Phapeng Falls just before reaching Cambodia, but before doing so it spreads out to form a marvellous filigree of 4000 islands known as Si Phan Don. Although the road to these regions is not well travelled, it is definitely worth the journey.

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“If you don’t leave the village you won’t see other villages”

– Lao Proverb