RAM congress + event is a family-run business located in Vienna. We are an organisation that specialises in congresses, events and incentives and offer our services all over Austria. Over the past few years our team has successfully accomplished exciting national and international projects for our clients. We are also proud of the fact the we do not outsource any of our outdoor and teambuilding events as we have our own in-house division.
Our event master certification (ISO/IEC 7024) guarantees you professional work in the organisation and execution in all aspects of your companies’ event. We are also a certified licensee of the Austrian ecolabel for Green Meetings/Events and therefore officially entitled to certify meetings – that fulfil these requirements.


With its flag being one of the eldest in existence as well as having a quarter of the population nestled in the capital, Austria is a magical space between mountain and city. The beautiful Alps are picturesque in both summer and winter, providing Christmas wonder as well as scenically beautiful hiking adventures.
Being the buzz of the country, Vienna is the capital to be seen. As Thomas Bernhard once said, Vienna is a little bit too big for Austria… or Austria is a little bit too small for Vienna. The city has cultural events, imperial sights, coffee houses, cosy wine taverns and Viennese charm on the menu – she’s big and she’s beautiful and will entice every fantasy; no wonder Vienna has been named the ‘city with the best quality of life’ 9 times in a row.
With a discontinuous mountain chain surrounding beautiful cities, you can Read More

be sure to find some valleys worth seeing along the way. Discover wondrous places by travelling alongside the Danube River, taking in rich forests as well as vineyards, unbeknownst to many Austria has been producing wines for over 3000 years.
Vienna not only has beautiful architectural wonders; in fact, the city centre has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site and has over 100 museums. Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven and Strauss plus many more of the classical musical magicians, were either from Vienna or lived there at some point in their lives making Vienna the capital of classical music. It is still the home of arguably the best Philharmonic orchestra in the world and this coupled with the most beautiful and celebrated concert halls in the world, making it a classical music lover’s dream city.
Austria is the self-proclaimed capital of cake with virtually every street having a bakery; try Apfelstrudel as well as their world famous Sachertorte – a mouthful of rich chocolate. Pairing off these rich indulgences is Wiener Melange, or simply – Viennese coffee, on the savoury front the Wiener schnitzel, which will leave you wanting more.
After a day of exploring the city or countryside alike, to add romance to this experience, one can enjoy a boat ride to Melk on the Danube River. For nocturnal beings, feel free to explore the Vienna Naschmarkt or enjoy exquisite dinners, concerts and dancing till the sunrise.
Austrians are proud of their Schmäh (sense of humour). The people are friendly and naughty, so just roll with the punches and enjoy the harmless banter.

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“Vienna is a handsome, lively city, and pleases me exceedingly”

– Frederic Chopin