Your benefit of working with one of the leading DMCs in Vienna is that we listen/read and understand your request, care about your needs and offer local partnership.
Our offers will always meet your requirements in every detail and each offered service is tailor made for your event.

We see ourselves as your local representative and would get involved as much or as little as you wish. We supply best service and quality and arrange once-in-a-lifetime events for all our clients.
Each of us is enthusiastic, professional and well experienced – we love to create and find the best options for our clients. You will have one of us being your partner from the very first contact to final invoicing, as we are dedicated to each project we run. During preparation and supervising your event we will be there for you 24hrs/7days a week – your event is our event.Read More

Our local partners are carefully chosen and regularly tested and after so many years in business, we have a wide variety and a close partnership with the most outstanding suppliers – only the best of the best are good enough for our clients to ensure the highest quality, value and service!

We are a one-stop-partner for all meeting, incentive, congress and event services in Austria, removing for you the need to deal with multiple suppliers and explaining your needs again and again – there’s nothing we cannot organise for your event.
Our local expertise will ensure that your programmes are planned and executed in a smooth way. We know how close a coach can get to a venue on each day, which guide is personally most suitable for your guests, which restaurant works well for incentives, etc.
Fancy a meeting with a historical figure? Have backstage meetings with professionals in museums, venues or at shows? Dine in the most interesting places? Have fun exploring our fantastic cities? Having a friend here, who will tell you about all that, means: working with an Imperial Connection Team Member!

Imperial Connection was founded in 2002 by Johanna Schmikal and Uli Beck. Uli and Johanna started working in DMC business many, many years ago and got together a team of professional MICE experts with the same attitude: The most important facts for a MICE Agent is to LISTEN, THINK and SERVE – on a personal basis.

The company name was created with a special intention:
Imperial stands for the Imperial Cities of Austria we operate in and Connection stands for the partnership we want to offer: Let us be your direct link to the beautiful and now modern cities of the former “Imperial Empire” of the Habsburgs.

Imperial Connection is a fully licensed DMC, a bit old-fashioned maybe, because we understand that, being a Destination Management Company, you have to MANAGE all touristic services within a DESTINATION. So MICE Business is our main focus, but we also are specialized in group and FIT travel.


With its flag being one of the eldest in existence as well as having a quarter of the population nestled in the capital, Austria is a magical space between mountain and city. The beautiful Alps are picturesque in both summer and winter, providing Christmas wonder as well as scenically beautiful hiking adventures.
Being the buzz of the country, Vienna is the capital to be seen. As Thomas Bernhard once said, Vienna is a little bit too big for Austria… or Austria is a little bit too small for Vienna. The city has cultural events, imperial sights, coffee houses, cosy wine taverns and Viennese charm on the menu – she’s big and she’s beautiful and will entice every fantasy; no wonder Vienna has been named the ‘city with the best quality of life’ 9 times in a row.
With a discontinuous mountain chain surrounding beautiful cities, you can Read More

be sure to find some valleys worth seeing along the way. Discover wondrous places by travelling alongside the Danube River, taking in rich forests as well as vineyards, unbeknownst to many Austria has been producing wines for over 3000 years.
Vienna not only has beautiful architectural wonders; in fact, the city centre has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site and has over 100 museums. Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven and Strauss plus many more of the classical musical magicians, were either from Vienna or lived there at some point in their lives making Vienna the capital of classical music. It is still the home of arguably the best Philharmonic orchestra in the world and this coupled with the most beautiful and celebrated concert halls in the world, making it a classical music lover’s dream city.
Austria is the self-proclaimed capital of cake with virtually every street having a bakery; try Apfelstrudel as well as their world famous Sachertorte – a mouthful of rich chocolate. Pairing off these rich indulgences is Wiener Melange, or simply – Viennese coffee, on the savoury front the Wiener schnitzel, which will leave you wanting more.
After a day of exploring the city or countryside alike, to add romance to this experience, one can enjoy a boat ride to Melk on the Danube River. For nocturnal beings, feel free to explore the Vienna Naschmarkt or enjoy exquisite dinners, concerts and dancing till the sunrise.
Austrians are proud of their Schmäh (sense of humour). The people are friendly and naughty, so just roll with the punches and enjoy the harmless banter.

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“Vienna is a handsome, lively city, and pleases me exceedingly”

– Frederic Chopin