Lafayette Group is a French DMC with agencies based in Paris, Monaco, Cannes and Bordeaux.
Created in 1986, Lafayette Group is the largest DMC (Destination Management Company) in Paris & Northern France and the 2nd largest in France, in terms of volume of activity and staffing.
Lafayette Group’s primary activities are the organisation, operation and logistics of special events, conferences, meetings, congresses, incentive programs and board meetings in Paris, Northern regions of France (Normandy, Burgundy, Champagne & Loire Valley) and Southern Regions (Cannes, Nice, Marseille and Monaco). Read More

With our in-depth knowledge of the field, our many years of experience and expertise in organising programs, and our creativity, the key word when working with Lafayette Group is “customised”. No matter what the event or the occasion; we will always find a professional, accurate, surprising and tailor-made solution. We remain behind the scenes while ensuring that everything runs according to plan.
We cover all services from transportation to catering, venue finding to accommodation, deluxe visits to incentive activities, gala dinners to entertainment, etc… We are involved in projects from conception through production and operations and cover the gamut of services in between. We are truly the only “one-stop shopping” DMC in Paris with 31 years of extensive experience in organizing programs and events for groups of any size and profile. We also have an FIT department (Virtuoso) for your VIP private requests.

Thanks to our long DMC experience in France and the evidence of the importance of Sport events in the corporate event & MICE industry, we decided to create Sport by LFG specialized into Sport Events with a focused team of experts who provide best value to clients for their activations. The next FIFA Women’s World Cup, which takes place in France in 2019, will be a great opportunity to showcase our expertise and knowledge! 


France – A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi
Home to the city of love and known as one of the style capitals of the world, France is a compilation of fine pastries, famous artworks and fashion forward thinkers. With the beautiful Parisian city to the one side, and incredible vineyards, countryside and beaches to the other.
Start your day off in Paris with a cultural experience by visiting the famous Arc De Triomphe as well as the home to Mona Lisa – the Louvre Museum. Been a fan of Disney’s Hunchback of Notre-Dame? Then be sure to visit this city’s famous medieval Notre-Dame Cathedral. This magnificent building has a total of 10 bells, two towers and is 90 meters in spire height. To make your Disney dreams become even more real, visit Disney Land for exhilarating rides and one-of-a-kind-photo-opportunities.Read More

Nature lovers and avid adventurers, don’t fret, France will challenge you with nature walks and hikes across the Alps. Dare to conquer the imposing Mont Blanc or take a relaxing trip down to the French Rivera. Travel through this gorgeous city situated on the southeast corner of the French coast.
With Paris being a fashion capital, be sure to load your bags with some runway ready outfits, ready to dazzle friends and family upon your return. For an even more cultural shopping experience, be sure to take a stroll through the Annecy Flea Market as well as the Rue Sainte-Catherine in Bordeaux.
On the culinary front, the French are known for some rather interesting dishes, including frogs’ legs and snails, but this beautiful country has a much wider variety of food offerings to satisfy your cravings. Ensure your body is prepared to eat fresh pastries as you walk between patisseries and boulangeries while you continue to explore. The Champagne wine region will leave your taste buds bubbling with all kinds of authentic flavours.
Travelling back to the ultimate romantic destinations, take a stroll to the Eiffel Tower after dinner to marvel at the architecture and sparkling lights covering this icon. For someone with a nocturnal clock, put on your dancing shoes and go clubbing at some of the local rock bars and clubs.
Whether you’re in the mood to broaden your cultural knowledge, explore intriguing tastes or to simply explore pure romantic bliss, ensure your flight lands in beautiful France. 

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Lafayette Paris:
– François Gailliard – President
– Delphine Jouanin – COO
– Xavier Bordedebat – Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing

Lafayette Monaco:
– Lucas Coenen – MD
– Sabrina Caputo – Director of Sales
 +37 7 97 98 03 40
Address: 13 Bd Princesse Charlotte, MC 98000 Monaco

Lafayette French Riviera & Provence:
Isabelle Lacombe
Tel: +33 4 92 18 38 66
Address: 7 avenue Windsor, 06400 Cannes, +33 4 92 18 38 66

Lafayette South West by SEE:
Joelle Kolich – Managing Director
Tel: +33 5 56 44 27 68
Address: 149 rue Camille Godard, 33000 Bordeaux, +33 5 56 44 27 68


“Paris is always a good idea.”

– Audrey Hepburn