Continental Travel is a private Hungarian firm founded in 1992, and having become one of the top ten incoming and incentive agencies in Hungary. Our firm creates packages offering a wide range of services in Budapest and the whole of Hungary: accommodation, programmes, guide services and transportation. Visitors with special objectives can choose from city tours, round trips, gourmet tours, wellness and spa packages, incentive trips or conferences which are all arranged with the highest care and all the knowledge we’ve gathered over the course of our work. As our slogan says: Our experience is your success!


This small country in the centre of Europe, is a survivor like a lighthouse battered by a thunderous storm it has stood the test of time and still shines in spite of its tempestuous past. It could be the reason that today there is a harmonious blend of old and new, which is reflected in the Hungarian people’s outlook on life. On the one hand traditions, culture and arts are keenly safeguarded, yet there is a constant search for the modern and innovative. This outlook gives Hungary a certain uniqueness, reflected in the language that resembles no other and shares almost no common words with any of its neighbours. Oddly enough the landscape seems to reflect this contrasting characteristic. As a landlocked country it has an abundance of water, from the coolness of Lake Balaton (the largest lake in Europe) to the healing warmth of Lake Hévíz (the second largest thermal lake in the world). Read More

The land is also saturated by a multitude of rivers that all play a part in dividing the land, creating the contrasts and yet still maintaining calmness about the land. The most famous of these rivers is the Danube that splits Hungary and its capital Budapest from north to south with mountainous regions to the west and Europe’s largest continuous grassland to the east. It is this appreciation and understanding, that old and new can live perfectly together that gives Hungary an infectious love for life.

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“Budapest is a prime site for dreams.”

– M. John Harrison