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The Netherlands – A Kaleidoscope of Colourful Bursting Tulips and Spinning Windmills
Best known for exquisite tulips as well as the ‘I Am Amsterdam sign’, The Netherlands is a place where culture comes to connect.
Looking for an artist’s dream? Look no further! With the world’s largest Van Gogh museum, you’ll be sure to make at least one ‘artsy’ pit stop during your European excursion. For another notch on your cultural belt, turn into the doors of the Rijksmuseum to view and learn more about the rich history of the Dutch. History and art enthusiasts alike! Make sure to visit this magical country. Broaden your knowledge of World War II by visiting young Anne Frank’s home and experience her story first-hand.  Read More

Planning a spring trip? We’d recommend that! In spring (March to June), the tulips are in full bloom and Keukenhof is surely a place to experience with your own eyes. Make a few day trips exploring the streets of the Dutch countryside and take your snapshots for Instagram in front of authentic Dutch Windmills. In the mood for a bit more amusement, take a stroll in Efteling and Sprookjeswonderland theme parks for another spin on cultural traditions.

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht and Utrecht. Sounds like a tongue twister right? Reputed for its innovation and creativity, a shopping spree in one of these cities will make you wish ‘retail therapy’ was covered by your medical aid. With everything from multi-storey department stores and exclusive boutiques to antiques and contemporary design, the Dutch won’t let you down.

Most European countries are known for rich indulgence when it comes to food, and The Netherlands is no exception. Who knew French fries are not even French at all… the humble potato dish had its beginning in The Netherlands. From stroopwafels, zoute drop and poffertjies to croquettes, your palette will be able to discover a new taste around each turn.

After a day of adventure, treat yourself to a relaxing walk or bicycle-ride down the city streets as the sun sets over the luminous canals. Relish in dinner at an iconic street café and afterwards explore the nightclubs, bars and pubs on offer from Amsterdam to Groningen.

The Dutch are known to be down-to-earth and happy; the Netherlands is ranked sixth in the World Happiness Report… The locals themselves make this country a pretty special place and you’ll soon discover their secret soft side and cracking sense of humour.

And there you have it – Nu komt de aap uit de mouw – We’ve just let the monkey out of the sleeve!

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