Mankind has always been intrigued by glaciers and without a doubt they should be on everyone’s bucket list of things to see, but if you had to pick one Perito Moreno should be top of the list.

As one of the many glaciers that form part of the South Patagonian Icefield, the 250 km² Perito Moreno flows out into Lake Argentino, with a glacial front of approximately 5 km  reaching an exposed height of 60 metres (170 m lies below the water), creates the most stupendous backdrops for this beautiful lake.  The glacier which is one of the world’s remaining growing glaciers, can be heard groaning and creaking as it makes it way towards the lake at a rate of 1 – 2 metres per day.  At this junction with the water, the wall constantly (every 30 minutes) calves’ giant icebergs into the lake.

Another more cataclysmic rupture occurs every 4 or 5 years; as the dam wall that forms across a narrowing neck in the lake collapses in a most spectacular fashion.