Republika Crna Gora or Montenegro (aka Black Mountain) is named after the dark appearance of Mount Lovćen that is covered in forests.  This tiny new Republic at a mere 13812 km² is abundantly full of natural beauty and offers everything from snow-capped rugged mountains to gorgeous beaches some with glorious pink pebbles.  With mountains, one gets rivers and Montenegro is no exception, the most famous being the beautiful turquoise Tara River, also known as the “Tear of Europe” the cuts it way through Europe’s Longest Canyon with its stunning 1300 m gorges.  The 158 km long river also has 14 rivers converging, forming 69 rapids making this a very popular rafting destination.

The other,  not as pretty but certainly more interesting,  is the Bojana River.  Thanks to a phenomenon of having a riverbed that is below sea level the river flows in two directions, the “heavier” sea water flows up the river along the riverbed, whilst the “lighter” freshwater travels down towards the Adriatic Sea, creating a rather unique aquatic environment.  The Bojana River also splits as it meets the sea giving rise to the island Ada Bojana.  For those that don’t think that this is enough natural beauty, Ada Bojana is a famous nudist colony.