Las Vegas aka Sin City, City of Lights …. had humble beginnings as a watering hole known as” the Meadows” and it wasn’t until the building of the Hoover dam and its influx of male workers, that sparked the idea amongst some mobster bosses to create one of the biggest gambling and entertainment capitals of the world.

As such, you will be surprised to know that Vegas doesn’t have a lottery and for a city with a naughty reputation, prostitution is illegal … and what City of Lights isn’t complete without its own Atomic Explosion Site?   Just 105km north of Vegas the city was subjected to over 100 nuclear tests, something that Vegas turned into a tourist attraction (obviously before people realised the effects of atomic radiation), hotels offered rooms with views, served atomic cocktails, had atomic pageants and even petitioned the state to change the name to Atomic City … enough to blow your mind!