Yesterday was 14 July (Bastille Day or 14 Juillet) and in France the most important day in their history, although the French Revolution started on the 05 May 1789 many consider the 14th the pivotal point of the revolution when the populace stormed the Bastille, then an armoury and political prison of the monarchy, to secure arms and gunpowder to fight the Monarchy.

Now without going into an in-depth history lesson it is important to know that during 1700 France had secured its position in Europe as one of the wealthiest countries, but the wealth was distributed amongst the nobility whilst the populace was starving.  At the time King Louis XVI had absolute power of the people, as he was royalty and therefore considered himself a god to his people, and even though changes were promised he was rallying the troops to act against the people which caused much anger . All these factors together with news of the American Revolution, where the Americans overcame British rule, pushed the people to change their world for the better and thus started the French Revolution which lasted 10 years.

Today this day is celebrated in great galore with fireworks and massive parades along the Champs-Elysees, horsemen, tanks,  flyover jet parades and military prowess.  Something not to be missed if in Paris in July.  Vive la France!