Today I would like to pay homage to Poland and its people.  A nation that has opened its arms to the current Russia-Ukraine crisis.  This is a country that is all too familiar with the effects of war, how it plays havoc on borders and let’s not even talk about the atrocities that took place in the concentration camps under the Nazi-German occupation.  During WWII, Warsaw was also flattened and only through the resilience of the people was the city rebuilt.  To ensure that the old town looked like the original version, they used 20 panoramic paintings by  17th Century Venetian artist, Bernardo Bellotto.

During the rebuilding of Warsaw, no building was more symbolic and controversial than the Palace of Culture and Science, an opulent skyscraper  that stands 231 m tall making it the tallest in Poland.  It was was commissioned in 1952 by Stalin and built by 3500 Russians and gifted to the Polish people, almost as an apology and to show how important Poland was to Russia.  A building that was erected amongst the ruins of Warsaw and that has housed everything from Communist Party gatherings to Rolling Stone Concerts.  The building now stands as a reminder of a torrid past, a fight against communism  and renewed hope for the future of the people.

Thank you, Poland for helping Ukraine.