Many people don’t know much about our 7th continent, Antarctica, but you will be fascinated to know it was once ice free.  The continent that is now covered in ice sheets has about 300 lakes below the surface, evidence of another time.  The ice sheets which are an average thickness of 2160 metres, not only make this the highest continent in the world but it also holds 90% of the world’s fresh water.  If Antarctica, were to return to the ice-free state the water levels would increase by about 62 metres.   Another crazy fact, because the ice sheets are constantly moving it is practically impossible to pin point the South Pole.  Due to these movements the continent is also known for it’s massive icebergs, just recently the world’s biggest iceberg known as A-76 broke off the Ronne Ice Shelf, measured a whopping 4,320 km²

Albeit that 7 nations maintain territorial claims to Antarctica, this enormous continent has no country, no native population even though they have had 11 births, no capital, no exact time zone, but does have a flag and they are governed internationally by the Antarctic Treaty.

This may be known as one of the world’s coldest and most hostile environments but man’s curious nature has always drawn us to the unknown.  Apart from the 1,100 odd scientists that inhabit the continent, tourists can visit on one of the cruises from Argentina or for the more discerning client, fly in from Cape Town on a private jet for a night on the continent.  Talk about bucket list!!!