The, Sri Harmandir Sahib or the “Golden Temple”, in Amritsar that is completely clad in 162kg of 24K gold is absolutely beautiful, but its real beauty lies within.  This temple is at the centre of the Sikhs religious beliefs, that everyone is equal.   Every day, 75000 people are given a nutritious meal which is served 24 hours a day – no matter your race, creed, or religion.   Daily a group of approximately 450 volunteers, chop, peel and cook 1500 kg rice, 13000 kg of lentils and 2000 kg of vegetables.  They also prepare, knead and roll a staggering 200 000 chapatis (rotis) for that day!

The process is simple, anyone entering must wear a head covering, wash their hands and feet, take a plate and sit in the hall where they will be given the meal of the day and if you are really hungry one can ask for more.  Once done, the plate is then washed, at least five times,  before it is dried and ready to hand to the next hungry person.

It is truly inspiring to witness this selfless act of humanity, in a world which is ever changing and ravaged by hunger, greed and malnutrition.