When the Singaporean Government sent out a brief to build a footbridge across the Marina, it was obvious that they did not want any ordinary footbridge, they wanted something unique, curved, modern and representative of Singapore.  I am always amazed by the creative genius of certain designers and this is no exception, using state of the art software, the 280 m curved stainless steel footbridge, may look flimsy at first glance but it is surrounded by an intricate double helix structure to give it the strength required.  A designed inspired by a DNA strand, making it a world first.

The beautiful, curved bridge also has 4 look out pods with glass bottoms that link the water below. Each pod has a symbol at the entrance that is lit at night representing the four bases of DNA: Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine and Thymine.   The bridge is even more beautiful at night as an elaborate array of lights highlight the different parts of the helix strand.  Truly inspirational, what can I say ….some DNA is just more creative than others.