Over the last decade, China has become the front runner in designing steel and glass structures, all with the purpose of giving an already beautiful view new perspective.  No one really understands this fascination with glass, but I assume it is to give that floating feeling as you can see all around you.  The Guangdong Sky Corridor Waterfall located at the Huangteng Gorge in Qingyuan, China, is yet another phenomenal design.

The Sky corridor resembles two badminton rackets, one horizontal and the other vertical, and is 368 m in length and 500 m in height.  This Sky corridor seems to want to break a whole lot of world records.  It is the world’s longest cantilevered glass corridor that ends in a loop with a circumference of 168 m supporting 450 water nozzles that create the world’s largest circular waterfall.  The corridor floor is made of 60 mm glass panes with 99.9% transparency and if that is not impressive enough the largest single pane is 15 sqm², yet another world record.    The structure can support the weight of 4000 people at any given time and has been fitted with 20 special motion dampeners to lessen the impact of people walking.

And if this was not enough to enthrall you, the sky corridor has 2000 lights that react to music creating some of the most spectacular  water, light and music extravaganzas.    Many have described this bridge as a classical dancer during the day, floating around in a soft white dress who at night transforms into a wild and fun-loving disco queen.  We cannot deny that when the Chinese set out to impress they do it with grandiose flair.