The most ingenious of ideas come from humble beginnings, so to does the iconic ICE HOTEL in Jukkasjarvi, 200km north of the arctic circle in Sweden.  Yngve Bergqvist created an ice sculpture art gallery that people could visit during his adventure trips of the region.  One year, one of the adventurous groups asked if they could sleep in the art gallery for the night and were so overwhelmed by the experience that the idea of a Ice Hotel was born…but not just any hotel, he built the ultimate sustainable hotel.

Every year, in November,  10 000 tons of ice and 30 000 of Snice (water spray that turns to compacted snow) are used from the Torne River to create the 6000 sqm wonderland masterpiece.  Architects and designers from all over the world submit their proposals but only the lucky few winners have the honour of having their designs turned into reality. These fantastical room designs are only limited by the artists imagination, whilst every effort is made to make the rooms beautiful you will still be sleeping on an ice bed with an average temperature of -5 °C.  The famous Icebar, is one of the main features and is made entirely out of ice including the drinking glasses and for those that are looking for the ultimate romantic venue the hotel boasts a beautiful and uniquely designed ice chapel.

In April the hotel starts to melt, and the water returns to the Torne river