You may have heard people talk about the Basque Country, but did you know that it is an autonomous community between the Pyrenees Mountains and the Bay of Biscay, straddling two countries France and Spain.  It is home to the Basque people, who were indigenous to the area pre-Roman times.  They have a strong cultural heritage and love for food and even have their own language,  EuskaraBilbao, with its beautiful Guggenheim Museum is one of the famous cities found in the Spain Basque region.

Today,  however I would like to introduce you to Donastia San Sebastian, not only is this beautiful city idyllically located between the mountains and the Bay of Biscay with gorgeous, protected beaches, this city is known as one of the culinary centres of Europe.  Just like the weather in San Sebastian, that is varied with beautiful sunny days, to sirimiri rain (floating drizzle),  to tempestuous storms that brings 30 m waves crashing into the rocks in the bay… so is their food.   San Sebastian offers you everything from 11 Michelin star restaurants (not bad for a town with a population of about 190 000 people)  to a myriad of unique restaurants and bars all making use of the excellent fresh ingredients found in the area, one thing is for sure the people of San Sebastian take their food seriously.  It is also home to the Pintxos, a bite sized delicious harmony of ingredients, normally spike together with a toothpick,  designed to unite friend over a wonderful glass of txakoli a white sparkling wine that is poured from a height to give it more flavour.   Also sounds like a place close to my heart and I cannot believe that I still have not been….this one is for the bucket list!