No medieval city is complete without a fable of an evil monster that threatens the city….and Krakow is no different.  Beneath the beautiful city of Krakow, with its narrow-cobbled streets, cathedrals, towers and turrets, lies the lair of the infamous Wawel Dragon.

Folkloristic legend dating back to the 13th century talks of dragon or holophagus (one that swallows whole) that terrorised the city.   The king was desperate to save his people and his daughter so he put the word out that the man that would slay the dragon could have his daughter’s hand in marriage.  Princes, knights and warriors came from all walks of life to fight the dragon, but all attempts were in vain.  Then one day the cobbler’s apprentice asked the king for two things to slay the dragon, the skin of a sheep and some sulphur.  Perplexed, the king had no option but to provide the cobbler with what he asked.  The cobbler stuffed the sheep skin with the sulphur and placed at the caves entrance, the Dragon ate the sheep and exploded….and we all know how that story ended.

Today one can still visit the eery limestone dragon’s lair below the city and to commemorate his defeat the city of Krakow erected a 6m iron statue, the dragon bones are still visible hanging in front of the main entrance to the Cathedral.  Believe or not but the people of Krakow have never seen a dragon again!