Fancy feeling like Moses and the Israelites as they walked through the parting waters? Then you need to go to the county of 1001 ponds, the Wijers, in the heart of Limburg, Belgium.  In an effort to boost cycling tourism, the province of Limburg decided to create a 3 metre wide,  212 metre long concrete path that is 1.5 metres below the ponds surface. The pond, situated in the De Wijers reserve, has been bisected in such a way that when you are on your bike, from a distance all you can see are heads gliding by.  Similarly, if you are on the bike you could be met by a curious duck or swan at eye level.  Beneath the path, various channels still connect the two sides allowing the fauna to move seamlessly.

It has been voted amongst the Worlds 100 Greatest Places and has had over a million people cycle or walk over it since it opened in 2016.