Since we have just passed the summer or winter solstice, dependent on which hemisphere you stand, I thought it appropriate to talk about Stonehenge.  Many theories and conspiracies have been written about Stonehenge, but one thing is for certain that it was built to align with the sun and on the solstice (summer or winter) the sun rises or sets over Heel Stone – a single large Sarsen Stone that is located outside of the main circle.  Consequently, it has been theorized that the stones are somehow linked to the solar system and are either a farming or spiritual calendar.  Many also believe that the structure has healing powers because of the resonating sound the stones make when struck.

Because it was built a very long time ago (between 3000 & 1520 BCE) in a time with no written records one can only surmise the why and more importantly how  they transported these massive stones to the site.  Consisting of two rings of vertical stones, the outer bigger sarsens stones were sourced locally and weigh approximately 25 tons, these are also topped by connecting horizontal lintel stones.  The inner smaller circle however is made from bluestone which is native to Wales some 240 km away, albeit that they are smaller but still weigh 4 tons.

No matter what you believe, Stonehenge will remain one of the world’s unsolved mysteries for future generations to discuss.