Only in Transylvania, where Dracula and his vampires exist can you turn an unused underground salt mine into an amusement park that looks like a chapter in a sci-fi novel.

The mine, Salina Turda, which is located 120m below ground, has had a rather colourful history; served not only as a mine yielding 3 billion tons of the purist quality salt (99% NaCl) but acted as a bomb shelter in WWII and even served as a cheese storage facility at some point in time.   It is only fitting that the mine was then converted into one of the first underground theme parks in the world. Housed in the Rudolph Mine with its glistening black striated salt walls, the amusement park includes an art gallery, an amphitheatre, a Ferris Wheel, an underground lake with that can be discovered in small rowboats, and various sports and spa facilities.

The salty atmosphere is even believed to health benefits , and you are said to feel revived and refreshed after being down there.