The next time you are in Sweden, and you would like to explore Stockholm and the surrounding areas in a different way, why not discover the planets of our solar system that are scattered throughout the country.  Yes, you heard me right, Sweden has created a largest to scale (1:20 million) model our solar system.   As you all know at the centre of our solar system you will find the sun, appropriately the Avicii Arena or simply Globen by the Swedes, represents the Sun.  [Interesting fact: the Avicii Arena with a diameter of 110m with an internal height of 85m is the largest hemi spherical building in the world).  You can then find the different planets at the following locations with a detail description of that planet: Mercury – Stockholm Town Museum (25 cm in diameter 2.9 km from the Arena);  Venus – House of Science, AlbaNova University Centre (62 cm in diameter 5.5 km from the Arena);  Earth and the Moon – Cosmonova and the National Museum of Natural History (65 cm in diameter 7.6 km from the Arena); Mars – Mörby Centrum (35 cm in diameter 11.6 km from the Arena); Jupiter  – Arlanda Airport  (7.3 m in diameter 40 km from the Arena); Saturn – Celsius Square Uppsala.  (6.1m in diameter 73 km from the Arena);  Uranus  –  Lövstabruk (2.6 m in diameter 165 km from the Arena); Neptune – Söderhamn (5.2 m  in diameter 229 km from the Arena); Pluto – Delsbo (12 cm in diameter 300 km from the Arena).

They have also included a range of other Trans-Neptunian objects that you can discover.   Who said that you could not walk through our solar system!