There any many beautiful and intriguing places in the world and Zhangjiajie National Forest is no exception.  This national forest forms part of the greater Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Hunan China, that is famous for its 3000 strange quartzite sandstone pillars, who’s silhouettes look like giants petrified in time.  These monolithic pillars are enormous, many of which are more than 200 m in height.  The tallest, Southern Sky Column, reaches a whopping 1080 m into the sky and is also known as Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.   If you just happen to be there on a misty morning as the soft clouds hug the pillars, exposing only the tufts of forest atop, you will understand how the directors of Avatar drew inspiration for the floating islands in the movie.

And if the jaw dropping beauty of the pillars, the canyons, lakes and rivers does not excite you, maybe you can take one of three different gondola lifts that traverse the park, or you could take a ride in the world’s tallest (326 m) and fastest double decker glass outdoor elevator.  A panoramic view seconded only by the longest (430 m) and highest (300m) glass bridge where it almost seems that you are walking on air above the forest .