Bordeaux, to a wine lover this city is like heaven on earth and with 287 000 acres of vineyards and 10 000 different estates you could drink a different wine for a good part of your adult life.  [Important fact:  We need to thank the Romans for bringing wine to the region].  The wines are made under 57 different appellations – France’s Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée AOC, which means you cannot call it a Bordeaux wine unless it comes from Bordeaux.  Just so that you are aware 80% of Bordeaux wines are either Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc or a combination of the three.  But be careful, albeit that you can enjoy a delicious wine for €20 you can also end up drinking a Petrus Pomerol for a staggering € 9540 (I have seen this displayed in the shop!!!!)

Enough about wine, Bordeaux is more than just wine, this beautiful city that is located on the River Garonne in the Southwest France has some of the most amazing architectural buildings like the Place del Bourse.  This beautiful building was designed by architect Jacques Gabriel, chief architect of the King, so intricate the work that it took 45 years to build.  Unfortunately, the architect died before its completion, but his son Ange-Jacques Gabriel took over the role and completed the building in 1775.  If the building was not beautiful enough in 2006, landscaper Michel Corajoud added a 3450 sqm city square made of granite slabs which when covered in 2 cm of water (from April to October) creates the world’s largest mirror pool (miroir d’eau) taking the design of the building to another dimension.  The water feature even has the facility to create mist like clouds and if this does not make you feel like you are floating on water or in the clouds, a bottle of Bordeaux red certainly will!