Tucked away in the hills of Watten, Austria, is what can only be described as a fairy wonderland.  In 1995 in celebration of their 100th anniversary, masters of sparkle, Swarovski, opened Crystal World.    A gorgeous park that was guarded by a huge troll’s head with a waterfall cascading from its mouth and hidden in its belly, the “Chamber of Wonders”, 17 different themed rooms all bedazzled in crystals.

20 years later the park was extended and now covers an area of 7.5 hectares.  With the expansion, international artists were invited to create some fantastical masterpieces that can now be discovered throughout the park, everything from contorted sculptures to a labyrinth in the shape of giant’s hand, but undoubtedly the most beautiful is the 1400 m² mirror pool that is covered by  Crystal Clouds, adorned with 800 000 hanging crystals, that catch the light like fireflies in the night.