In a city or country that has fought the chains of communism and has risen out of the ashes like a phoenix, it is not surprising that controversial novelist Franz Kafka played such an influential role in the symbolic architectural art of Prague.   Like Franz Kafka pushed the boundaries of society with his pen; so too does provocative artist David Cherny, and it is only fitting that his latest work is a moving statue of Kafka at the door of City Hall, as a constant reminder of the past and a need for change.

The 11 m gigantic head, which sits on a 2.75 m pedestal, weighs 39 tons and has 42 layers in motion.  The exterior is covered in 1 500 m² (24 tons) of polished stainless steel sheeting and the structure has 16 300 jointing materials and 42 servo drives that are equipped with recuperation technology that harness the braking power of the system.

Many have referred to the engineering marvel as the modern-day astrological clock of Prague