It should not come as a surprise that the 15-day Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife , Canary Islands, is considered to be the second biggest carnival after Rio. Once a theme is selected the yearlong preparations begin as they create the most spectacular floats and costumes for the event. Girls work tirelessly to design their most glamourous beaded and featured costumes in the hope of being crowned Carnival Queen at the dazzling Carnival Gala …. not to be outdone there is also a Drag Queen competition. The festivities start the Friday of Carnival and for 5 nights the city will give itself to a riot of colour and music and dance.

Then on Ash Wednesday, the carnival draws to a close with the burial of the sardine; a joyous funeral procession where a giant sardine is paraded through the streets and then burned whilst a tremendous fireworks display erupts…..and just when you think the party is over,  the Carnival starts up again with the weekend of the “Pinata Chica”.