As much as the Raffles Bar is synonymous with Singapore, I personally feel that a stop in Singapore must certainly include cocktails at the Atlas Bar in the lobby of Parkview Square (aka Gotham Tower or Batman Tower).  Commissioned by the developer CS Wang, the building cost a staggering U$ 88 million and took its inspiration from the Chanin Building in New York and sought to replicate all the best features of the Art Deco movement and so too the grandiose 687 m² Atlas Bar.  Embellished with magnificent vaulted ceilings covered in frescos, with gold and bronze balconies, gilded statues and plaques and a surreal 15 m gin tower which once had suspended “wine fairy waitresses” that would fetch your bottle of choice.

The tower is said to house one of the largest gin selections in the world (I can even attest that they have South African gin).  The impressive collection of alcohol includes gin from 1910, as well as vintage martinis and an impressive selection of 250 different Champagnes, including 1907 Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Goût Américain costing an eye watering $140,000 USD.

The Atlas Bar was rated as the 4th best bar in the world in 2020.