The Namib Desert, is not only the oldest desert in the world, believed to be at least 55 million years old, but this living desert has mysterious powers seen nowhere else on earth.  With dunes that are formed from the constant movement of sand carried north over kilometres by wind, stopped only by ephemeral rivers that flow just enough to stop their movement. A wind force so powerful that it creates some of the highest dunes in the world (±300 m) and even reclaims land for the sea, depositing sea wrecks atop dunes over time.

The cold Benguela current, that laps its shores cloaking the desert in 180 days of fog, a fog that brings enough moisture to breathe life into this arid land and over time a plethora of fauna and flora have evolved so that they can live in this soulful place, everything from the prehistoric Welwitschia to the majestic desert lion.

As you sit on the dunes and watch a sunset, the dunes will sing their song of millions of years, that will move your soul.